Sunday, September 7, 2008

Misconceptions about the Catholic Church

There is much dislike and even hatred of the Catholic Church. Most of this, I firmly believe, comes from ignorance of what the Catholic Church is and what it teaches. Too often the teachings of the Church are taken out of context, using one biblical verse to condemn its teaching and leaving out the verse immediately following that would affirm it. Some Christians even question whether the Catholic Church is Christian! These absurd allegations usually come from pastors of break-away churches wherein these persons desire authority for themselves. Kind of like the first fall?? (If the Bible is all that is needed, then these pastors are themselves unnecessary). These allegations are fed by the lack of knowledge of religion, history and scripture on the part of those to whom they preach and by the guarantee of salvation to all regardless of their actions. Fed even more by the overwhelming effect that rote memorization and the ability to quote chapter and verse, backward and forward has on the average person who attends these churches. Here is the link a website put together by a wonderful lay person that faithfully answers questions about Catholicism. I had been planning such a site but when I came across this one I realized the job had been done and there was no reason to re-invent the wheel. God Bless David and his wonderful website.

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