Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More tales from Hillary/Obamacare World

The Heritage Foundation presents a TOP TEN LIST:


Take it from this American, having lived 35 years in Canada, this list is totally RIGHT ON. Check it out.

And I'll supply a few specifics:
-- basic standard for mammograms in Canada: every other year, from age 50
[American Cancer Society recommends every year, from age 40)
--Canada 13th of 24 developed nations in MRI machines per capita
[6.7 per million, versus U.S. 26.5 per million]
--average wait time for non-emergency MRI scan in Ontario: 102 days
--average wait time from GP appointment to specialist treatment: 8 weeks

All the beer and maple syrup in the world can't fix a single-payer system, no matter how well-intended, or how dedicated the folks who try to work in it. (And they are, God bless 'em.)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Stare into the crystal ball, America... this could be you.


The streets have potholes, the snow just sits there, the subway system is adequate for a city half this size, but Toronto's Food Police are on the job, says Margaret Wente at the Globe and Mail.

Nothing keeps excessive spontaneity in check like a socialist government. A couple of decades ago it was the auditions and designated flop-spots for licensed subway musicians. Now it's the municipal control of street-cart food vendors. Down with pretzels -- up with sprouts.

Further to your previous memo....

On the subject of "pro-woman, pro-life", there's a website called (wait for it) ProWoman ProLife.
A Canadian effort, with some friends of yours-truly involved. Check it out.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bite The Hand That Feeds You

Those of us in science very early on become familiar with Avogadro’s Number. This is the number of atoms in a quantity of an element known as a “Mole” a weight equal to its atomic weight in grams on the Periodic Table. For example, for Carbon 12, there would be one Mole in 12 grams and that would have Avogadro’s number of atoms.

This number is unbelievably large. It is the number 6 followed by 23 zeros! (600,000,000,000,000,000,000,000)

Another constant in physics is the speed of light. It is 186,000 miles per second, or 290000000 meters per second.

I propose a new constant in economics; the Obama’s Number. This would be the number 2 with 12 zeros after it. (2,000,000,000,000)

All three numbers are of unimaginable scale. The first two, constants in chemistry and physics, were designed by God and discovered by scientists. The third, a new constant in government spending, was created by Chairman Obama, Prime Minister Pelosi and Comrade Reed.

"A society that tries to spend itself to prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself by the handle." -Winston Churchill

Americans earning more than $200,000 per year provide most of the jobs in this country and most of the tax revenue. Those in the “top 5%” pay 70% of the taxes and this is about to go beyond 90%. The new era of income distribution will destroy big and small businesses alike and will bankrupt the entire country. Obama is literally biting the hands that feed this country and it is nothing more than government sanctioned robbery. This is being done so that Obama and the Pelosi-Reed Triumvirate can gain unprecedented power over the lives of all of us in perpetuity.

Now, more than ever, the spirits of our founding fathers demand a response. We must rise up for the good of all Americans. If we do not act, the current administration will bankrupt the country.

"With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in;" - Abraham Lincoln

He understood the true meaning of charity. Lincoln was not talking about wealth redistribution or stealing from those who worked hard to earn their money. His understanding of charity was an attitude of good will toward all and actions that seeks to help everyone rise up rather than to create a perpetual underclass dependent upon the government forever.

Perhaps those earning over $200,000 yearly should begin thinking of themselves and not others. Perhaps the correct plan of action for those high earners and high producers would be:

1. Conserve money. Do not spend if the current practices are not reversed. Save for the inevitable crisis to come.

2. Reduce personal income. Take an extra two to four weeks of vacation. This will reduce the intake of the treasury under Turbo Tax Geithner by a huge amount, though not by Obama’s Number. All small businesses will do by continuing to employ, earn and produce is to feed the unending government redistribution efforts.

3. If high earners own more than one home, perhaps they should consider defaulting on one of them. Under the current plan, they probably owe more than it’s worth and homes will not regain their value for years, if ever. Why continue to pay so to underwrite those who do not? Continued payment as an honorable person will simply be used to help rob you blind. Credit ratings will mean nothing in the coming economy and under Obama’s plan there will be no tax deduction for the interest on higher value homes anyway.

4. Lay off employees. Obama will take care of the laid off workers and in the end small business owners will work less, pay less to the government and net income after taxes will not change much. Why continue to feed the huge alimentary canal that is Obama’s administration?

"The government is like a baby's alimentary canal, with a happy appetite at one end and no responsibility at the other." - Ronald Reagan

5. If this does not work, perhaps a consideration would be simply not paying taxes under Obama’s new rules. A refusal to pay taxes by literally tens of millions of Americans would overwhelm the ability of Mr. Geithner to deal with such numbers and would send a message that hard working Americans are finished being the lambs sacrificed at the alter of irresponsibility and socialism.

"Withholding payment of taxes is one of the quickest methods of overthrowing a government." - Mahatma Gandhi

Sounds harsh, you say? Yes, but so was the US Revolution. This country was established principally because of taxation without representation. If our founding fathers could see what is happening under taxation with representation, they would want to re-join Britain. We must peacefully revolt or we will have national bankruptcy and worsening poverty for decades to come. Such action may temporarily worsen the economy, but it is the only chance we have to prevent being robbed by the government and to reverse these destructive trends that will cripple us for decades to come. We must sacrifice now for our children for they, and those of future generations, will blame us if we do not.

It's beginning to happen, with "Tea Parties" all over this great country. Join all hard working Americans to peacefully, thoughtfully rise up against this new tide. We are all in the same sinking ship. Everyone’s livelihood is at stake and we must as Americans come together. In the US revolution it was not rich against poor. It was rich and poor alike who banded together to ensure freedom for all. Freedom to succeed on one's own merits, not to plunder the homes of others. Equal opportunity does not and was never meant to equate with equal outcome. People of good will, poor and rich alike, know this and understand this.

At another very dark time in the history of the world, Winston Churchill was hoping for a change of heart in America when he said:
"Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing...after they have exhausted all other possibilities."

Let’s not prove Mr. Churchill right yet again.

For, as Benjamin Franklin said:
“We must hang together, or we shall all surely hang separately”.

GOD Bless the USA.

Obama Doesn't Get It. Or Does He?

The stock market has continued its downward spiral. Americans have lost more than half of their savings. Obama, Reed and Pelosi continue on course to bankrupt the United States. Liberals still claim that we must continue on the present course because "we have to do something".

As a physician, I believe I must adhere to the famous dictum of Hippocrates: "Primum non nocere" or "First, do no harm". Contrary to popular belief, this is not found in the Hippocratic Oath, but in his writings on epidemics. Nonetheless, I can not simply "do something" to my critically ill patients. I must either do the right thing, that is, take action that has at least a reasonable chance of effecting the outcome desired. At the very least my treatment should move in the general direction of what is hoped for. Certainly, I must not do anything purposely or carelessly conceived to worsen the situation. I certainly do not have the right to do something that has been scientifically, empirically proven to have the effect opposite to that which my patient has been led to expect.

I have heard a liberal pundit claim that the "stimulus" plan is like applying a "shock to the heart" and must be done to jump start the economy. Thank God that person is not in the practice of medicine! We do not shock the heart of every critically ill patient. Were we to do so, most of the patients who end up recovering would have been buried long ago. We use "shocking", or in medical terms, cardioversion, only in specific circumstances. Can you imagine walking through the door of your doctor's office with symptoms of severe influenza only to find yourself being thrown down on a table and electrocuted? As a physician I have never tried this but I may consider it for liberal patients in the future.

There is definite, scientific, empirical evidence that the actions of the current administration will not work to "stimulate" the economy. The USSR, The New Deal of FDR, the Great Society of LBJ, Jimmy "the peanut man" Carter's policies all prove this. John Kerry and Joe "Foot in Mouth" Biden called for " a New New Deal". Is it really possible that the majority of Democrats, having attended the very schools to which they want to give more money, do not know that the New Deal was a dismal failure?

So, since the savior has taken office and the real powerhouse, Prime Minister Pelosi, has taken charge, here are the facts:

1. The stock market is in a precipitous dive. (See graph)
2. Unemployment has reached 8%
3. We have seen more money redistibuted and wasted than has ever been spent in history.
4. The US is headed for bankruptcy (The FDIC announced it will run out of money).
5. The Obama administration is now trying to get the hedge funds to help since China will not buy any more of our bad debt.
6. He continues to advocate taking money away from those who are productive and provide jobs and giving it to those who do not work and do not pay their bills. By any measure of logic this is doomed to fail.

Additionally, Obama has proven beyond the abilities of even his most ardent defenders to rationalize his actions that he lied during his campaign. His nominees for office have been criminals, Turbo Tax Geithner is the head crook at the Treasury, his stimulus plan contains so much pork that it can not be discussed by Jewish people during meals and if we threw it at Islamic terrorists they would break and run. Instead of using bombs in the future we could just drop volumes of his stimulus package on Al Kaida and the Taliban.

Change we could believe in consists of criminals and Clinton cronies running the government and plotting against freedom of speech, freedom of religion and retaliating against conservatives like Rush Limbaugh. Obama's only goal is to establish a socialist state and he is well on the way to that.

If Obama had a modicum of decency he would admit that Wall Street and Main Street are seeing his plan for what it really is and have determined it to be a failure. Any good leader knows when to alter course and is not afraid to do so. If he, Pelosi and Reed really cared about their country, they would heed the lessons of the past and change course before it is too late. If liberals really cared about this country...

If they do not alter course there are only three possible reasons: Either Obama, Pelosi and Reed are stupid, delusional or evil. Obama is not stupid. Pelosi is not delusional and Reed is...

God Bless America!

Monday, March 2, 2009


It seems the global warming extremists were met with stiff opposition for their DC protest. No, it did not come from conservatives. The opposition was from the weather and the "stiff" part consisted of frozen water that had presumably previously been warmer due to CO2, also known as ice and snow. So extreme was the cold blast that even Prime Minister Pelosi had to miss the protest because her flight was canceled due to the reverse warming. A wonderful story appears on the link above, complete with photos of the frozen participants. Click on the post title to go there. One has to wonder how these eco-nuts can talk with a straight face. I have included one photo. Note the snow on the bushes.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Tea Parties

It's happening. All across this country people are rising up. Not only "rich" people. Ordinary hard working patriotic americans who understand what the Obama plan will do to our economy.

Now over the initial euphoria, people are now beginning to realize that most jobs are provided by those mean and nasty people earning over $250,000. They are realizing that most of those same nasty people at one time earned nothing. Most of these people did not inherit their wealth, they got it the old fashioned way; they earned it. They studied hard and worked hard to build the businesses that now employ others. Citizens are now beginning to understand that instead of so called "trickle down economics" they are going to see the faucet turned off!

For those who have taken the time to actually study what I will hereafter call "The Plan", it has become obvious that it is the route to national ruin. Those earning over $200,000 will no longer be able to deduct home mortgages. Thos earning less will see the "horrible" Bush Tax cuts expire and even though under The Plan they will get a small cut, the expiration of the Bush tax cuts will mean a net INCREASE in taxes for anyone earning more than $50,000 per year and possibly even those earning more than $25,000 per year.

Those horrible, selfish rich people earning over $250,000. will see their earnings reduced as the tax burden on them goes from the already 70% they currently pay to nearly 90% of the tax burden. Deductions will evaporate and jobs will as well. Water does not flow up hill and those who disdain "trickle down" economics must now explain how "trickle up" economics will function. Reaganomics has been supplanted by Obamanomics, but the physics does not make sense.

There MUST be a revolt. I am not, of course, talking about taking up arms (Though hiding them would be advised before the gun laws change). I am advocating peaceful protests as we have seen across this great country.

A passage from one of the greatest documents ever written states: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness." That document, for those such as Obama, Pelosi and Reed who do not recognize it, is The US Declaration of Independence.

We now must take a stand against the assault on our freedom and our rights. As Benjamin Franklin said when urging the Continental Congress to remain unified: "We must hang together or we shall all surely hang separately".

Prime Minister Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is downright scary. Of course, anyone with a rudimentary understanding of politics knows that in a parliamentary system she would be the US Prime Minister. The problem is that we do not have a parliamentary system of government but she still thinks she is the US Prime Minister. She also thinks she is a Catholic Bishop!

No sooner had Savior Obama taken office that PM Pelosi went on a goodwill tour. She hopped on over to the Vatican to let the Holy Father know she was now in charge of the country and to correct him on the issue of abortion. Word has it that she wants the Pope to activate the Freedom of Choice Act in the Vatican and throughout the Church.

Her triumphant return and summary of her visit almost makes one believe that the Holy Father was ready to open a Planned Parenthood clinic at St. Peter's Basilica. However, the official Vatican response was a bit at odds with the PM's account:

“His Holiness took the opportunity to speak of the requirements of the natural moral law and the Church’s consistent teaching on the dignity of human life from conception to natural death which enjoin all Catholics, and especially legislators, jurists and those responsible for the common good of society, to work in cooperation with all men and women of good will in creating a just system of laws capable of protecting human life at all stages of its development.”

Seems the PM was given a strong rebuke by the Holy Father. Nancy Pelosi is the perfect example of a Pseudo-Catholic motivated by the first of the deadly sins; pride. Part of being a Catholic is to understand true authority. It is simple, really. Most parents have said to their children: "I am older and more experienced than you are and I expect you to understand that and accept my authority". Well, the Church is 2,000 years old, slightly older than Pelosi. Yet, she submits not to that authority but to her own.

As a Catholic I must accept that I have no religious authority. This can be hard for many, especially our Protestant brothers and sisters, to understand. Hence the number of Christian denominations, some 60,000 at last count I believe. However, as a Catholic I willingly submit to the authority of the Church and believe this Apostolic authority was handed down from Peter and the other apostles. This does not mean I am without dignity, intellect or opinion. It does mean, however, that on those rare occasions when my immediate inclination is to be at odds with the Church, I DECIDE to submit my will to that of the Church as in submission to the will of her founder, our Lord, Jesus Christ. I must place my will after God's will.

The US PM Nancy Pelosi has demonstrated her understanding of being Catholic. In so doing she has an interesting take on the The Lord's Prayer. It is her will, not The Father's Will, that should be done, on earth at least. I must conclude that she does not believe in Hell either. Well, she will certainly believe in it when it becomes her forwarding address.

NAZIS, Maoists Now Rule America

Every society has had scapegoats. Persons felt to be less than human who were at fault for all of society's ills and had to be suppressed or exterminated. Ancient Rome had the Christians, Soviet Russia the capitalists, Mao's China the capitalists, intellectuals and religion, Nazi Germany the Jews, Kosovo the Muslims and now the USA has, paradoxically, the Christians and the capitalists. It's amazing how we do come full circle.

A close friend pointed something out to me about Nancy Pelosi that I had overlooked while watching the president's speech. Of course, no one could have missed the amazing acrobatics and even our tongue tied, foot in the mouth vice president seemed exhausted by trying to keep up with her jumping jacks. However, in her green suit launching out of her chair to wildly applaud after nearly every sentence spoken by the new locus of hope and salvation, Baraq Hussein Obama, she reminded my friend of times past.

He pointed out that when Chairman Mao spoke, people in red "Mao suits" in the background would jump up wildly to applaud his every word. I looked up some streams of his speeches and I was amazed to find Nancy Pelosi there, jumping up in the same way.

No, not the real, one and only Nancy Pelosi. She is ours, I am ashamed to say. However, there were plenty of similarly suited look alikes who reacted in the same way to their savior, their hope, Chairman Mao.

The "fairness" doctrine, The "Freedom of Choice" Act, the repeal of conscience laws, wealth centralization and redistribution, central government control, politically correct speech, attacks on religious authorities that do not tow the line. How can anyone of sound mind not see the similarities?

As a pro-life physician, I particularly dread the coming repeal of conscience protection. In Nazi Germany, a citizen could not refuse without repraisal to participate in atrocities because of a a moral objection to the government's actions. Now, in the USA, a physician, nurse or other health care provider will not be able to refuse to refer or actively participate in human extermination (abortion). This is freedom of choice as long as one chooses to follow the "party" line.

The Soviet Communist party, the Nazi party, The Peoples "DEMOCRATIC" Party for the Reunification of the State in North Korea, The Communist Party of the former East Germany (German DEMOCRATIC Party), The Chinese Communist Party. History will now add the U.S. DEMOCRATIC Party to this infamous list.

One of the wonderful things that had set the USA apart from other nations was the acceptance that an individual's conscience is to be respected. Freedom of Religion allowed us to refuse to participate in actions that forced us to violate our religious convictions. Now, the Freedom of Choice act will strike down the freedom of religion and the entire Bill of Rights. We truly have arrived!

I will make a prediction here. Shades of Hugo Chavez! If Obama can avoid a revolt of the taxpayer, I believe there will be a movement to remove term limits for the Presidency. I truly hope I am wrong, but history shows that I am probably not.

God Bless, and Help, America.