Friday, July 17, 2009


Earlier this year, actress and professional liberal bigot Janeane Garofalo accused blacks and women who do not support Barack Obama of suffering from Stockholm syndrome. She was being interviewed by fellow bigot Keith Olbermann, who, big surprise, enthusiastically agreed with her. During their mutually supportive time together they accused conservatives, and essentially anyone unsupportive of Obama's policies, of being racists. Garofalo concluded that blacks and women who think for themselves and come to conclusions that disagree with her own are mentally deranged! Now there is a true supporter of liberty and equality. Talk about the pot calling the kettle racist! (Click title to read entire article)

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  1. I am absolutely disgusted by all the destruction and corruption surrounding us. I am glad the citizens are finally waking up to the communist takeover of this wonderful country. I am saddened to say, I think it is too late to save it. Liberals and the communists are already so entrenched, the media is so biased towards Obama, Democrats, and the liberal elite, and so selling out this country to the highest bidder, that there is not much left. We still have freedom of speech but they are coming after it. Nobody protested when Michael Savage was banned from England via our current administration. Now they are coming after Lou Dobbs and his wife. Next time they will come for someone else less famous until they come for you. Why does the National Guard advertise lots of internment/resettling specialists jobs all of a sudden on Why do they need so many prison guards? Who are they interning or resettling and where? Why?
    I fled communism 30 years ago, came to the best country in the world, communism has followed me here. I guess I will have to go back now since communism is all but dead there.
    Why would sane Americans want to overhaul the best medical care in the world? It is not perfect, it is expensive, but it is the best. (Tort reform would solve lots of abuse. So would protecting our borders from invading illegals who use our medical care as a right.) Obama wants to re-make America in his ideological utopia because he can, he is the president, he has a mandate given to him by the people, "hope and change." Because he wants control over our bodies, our lives, our deaths, our work, our banks, our homes, our electrical use, our gasoline use, our food intake, our education, our earthly possessions, how many babies we have or don't have via forced abortions, basically from cradle to grave. That is what totalitarian societies do - they make everyone poor and miserable with the exception of the power elite. And, if you don't go along with the program, you go to re-education camps, forced psychiatric care via mind numbing drugs, thus the need for internment/resettlement camps. To achieve this goal, a security/civilian police will be needed to report on the every move of the citizenry who resist. 2009 is a sad year for the history of our country.