Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This article is the second of a point / counterpoint series on Mr. Obama's health care plan.
*ObamaCare will not promote abortions.
*It is true that there are no provisions in the current plan specifically providing for abortions. However, there are provisions in the plan for "family planning." Given his record, many conservatives rightly suspect that to Mr. Obama family-planning means a lot of planning, and fewer people in order to reduce the amount of carbon producing biological units. This health care plan gives the Commissioner of Health Choices the power to determine future benefits within the plan. The promotion of abortion can be easily added once the bill is passed. This is another example of liberal incrementalism at its finest.

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  1. Not to mention the fact that Democrats repeatedly voted down Republican-offered ammendments to the proposed Health Care bills that would have POSITIVELY prevented the provision of abortions at tax-payer expense!

  2. I've enjoyed your articles on the healthcare debate and I linked you on my blog. Thanks so much!! So easy to read and insightful.