Friday, October 30, 2009


Canadian conservative think-tank, The Fraser Institute, has just released its annual report on wait times for Canadians in search of surgery. This is a calculation of how long it takes a patient to move from the initial appointment with the family doctor, to the appointment with the specialist, to the appointment for the diagnostic testing, to the receipt of the results of the diagnosis, to the day of being wheeled into the operating room.

Salient points:

(a) the median wait-time for the entire country is just over 16 weeks, ranging from Ontario (lucky me, 12.5) to Newfoundland (unlucky me at the family cottage, 27.3)

(b) despite having substantially increased the amount of money being poured into the national health care system over the same number of years, wait times have not substantially changed since the Institute's report of 2001.

Read 'em & weep.

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