Friday, May 1, 2009


We have seen the beginning of the revolt of the taxpayer with the tea parties. We now need to take it to the next step. One of my friends has, I believe, the best solution. We should form a taxpayer's union. The only way to prevent the liberals from transforming this country into a socialist republic is to tie the purse strings. We are going to proceed in the direction of formation of this union. Our goal will be ultimately to have tens of millions of members. As those expected to bankroll the new social order, we will conduct a strike. That will consist of the higher earning members and others who can afford to do so taking time off work. Depending on how it works out, this can be a week, a month or even longer. The effect will be to reduce the revenue to the government immediately. We can choose decreased income through ever increasing taxation or by reducing our work load. In continuing the status quo we work harder and keep less of the fruits of our own labor. In the second scenario we work less and deprive Chairman Obama and Prime Minister Pelosi of the means to effect the destruction of our democracy. More to follow soon after some organizational planning.

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