Wednesday, November 18, 2009



Those federal overachievers at the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force have issued new guidelines for standard mammogram screening, raising the recommended age from 40 to 50, and the lowering frequency from annual to biennial. What this Task Force recommends can affect what services Medicare will cover -- that's present-day Medicare, which is on track to become the future-shock of universal Obamacare.

It will come as a surprise to nobody that the over-50-biennial mammogram is the recommended standard within the Canadian national health care system (though doctors can still use discretion if the patient has a family history of breast cancer).

Welcome to my nightmare, eh?

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  1. This is unsubstantiated (I heard it on Hannity's radio program Tuesday) but the rationing of mammograms may have already started. A lady called in and said that this past month the insurance she has held for 3 years (each of which she has gotten a fully covered mammogram as per the policy's listed benefits)denied all but $50 of the test, citing "new government rules". Apparently her insurance company informed her that, despite what her policy states, new government regulation has recently reclassified a mammogram for sub-50 year old women as an "elective prevetative" procedure, and as such has limited, by law, the amount of re-imbursement allowed. Like I said, unsubstantiated, and I'm not even sure it's not a case of the insurance company trying to blame the gov't for weasling out on payment, but let's just say I won't be surprised to find out this is true!