Friday, March 6, 2009

Obama Doesn't Get It. Or Does He?

The stock market has continued its downward spiral. Americans have lost more than half of their savings. Obama, Reed and Pelosi continue on course to bankrupt the United States. Liberals still claim that we must continue on the present course because "we have to do something".

As a physician, I believe I must adhere to the famous dictum of Hippocrates: "Primum non nocere" or "First, do no harm". Contrary to popular belief, this is not found in the Hippocratic Oath, but in his writings on epidemics. Nonetheless, I can not simply "do something" to my critically ill patients. I must either do the right thing, that is, take action that has at least a reasonable chance of effecting the outcome desired. At the very least my treatment should move in the general direction of what is hoped for. Certainly, I must not do anything purposely or carelessly conceived to worsen the situation. I certainly do not have the right to do something that has been scientifically, empirically proven to have the effect opposite to that which my patient has been led to expect.

I have heard a liberal pundit claim that the "stimulus" plan is like applying a "shock to the heart" and must be done to jump start the economy. Thank God that person is not in the practice of medicine! We do not shock the heart of every critically ill patient. Were we to do so, most of the patients who end up recovering would have been buried long ago. We use "shocking", or in medical terms, cardioversion, only in specific circumstances. Can you imagine walking through the door of your doctor's office with symptoms of severe influenza only to find yourself being thrown down on a table and electrocuted? As a physician I have never tried this but I may consider it for liberal patients in the future.

There is definite, scientific, empirical evidence that the actions of the current administration will not work to "stimulate" the economy. The USSR, The New Deal of FDR, the Great Society of LBJ, Jimmy "the peanut man" Carter's policies all prove this. John Kerry and Joe "Foot in Mouth" Biden called for " a New New Deal". Is it really possible that the majority of Democrats, having attended the very schools to which they want to give more money, do not know that the New Deal was a dismal failure?

So, since the savior has taken office and the real powerhouse, Prime Minister Pelosi, has taken charge, here are the facts:

1. The stock market is in a precipitous dive. (See graph)
2. Unemployment has reached 8%
3. We have seen more money redistibuted and wasted than has ever been spent in history.
4. The US is headed for bankruptcy (The FDIC announced it will run out of money).
5. The Obama administration is now trying to get the hedge funds to help since China will not buy any more of our bad debt.
6. He continues to advocate taking money away from those who are productive and provide jobs and giving it to those who do not work and do not pay their bills. By any measure of logic this is doomed to fail.

Additionally, Obama has proven beyond the abilities of even his most ardent defenders to rationalize his actions that he lied during his campaign. His nominees for office have been criminals, Turbo Tax Geithner is the head crook at the Treasury, his stimulus plan contains so much pork that it can not be discussed by Jewish people during meals and if we threw it at Islamic terrorists they would break and run. Instead of using bombs in the future we could just drop volumes of his stimulus package on Al Kaida and the Taliban.

Change we could believe in consists of criminals and Clinton cronies running the government and plotting against freedom of speech, freedom of religion and retaliating against conservatives like Rush Limbaugh. Obama's only goal is to establish a socialist state and he is well on the way to that.

If Obama had a modicum of decency he would admit that Wall Street and Main Street are seeing his plan for what it really is and have determined it to be a failure. Any good leader knows when to alter course and is not afraid to do so. If he, Pelosi and Reed really cared about their country, they would heed the lessons of the past and change course before it is too late. If liberals really cared about this country...

If they do not alter course there are only three possible reasons: Either Obama, Pelosi and Reed are stupid, delusional or evil. Obama is not stupid. Pelosi is not delusional and Reed is...

God Bless America!

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