Monday, March 2, 2009


It seems the global warming extremists were met with stiff opposition for their DC protest. No, it did not come from conservatives. The opposition was from the weather and the "stiff" part consisted of frozen water that had presumably previously been warmer due to CO2, also known as ice and snow. So extreme was the cold blast that even Prime Minister Pelosi had to miss the protest because her flight was canceled due to the reverse warming. A wonderful story appears on the link above, complete with photos of the frozen participants. Click on the post title to go there. One has to wonder how these eco-nuts can talk with a straight face. I have included one photo. Note the snow on the bushes.


  1. global warming does not mean the end of snow. It will still snow, as the temperature is only going up by a few degrees. So you are pretty ignorant in your understanding of climate change, but thanks for trying.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Of course it can still snow with global warming. And, it can still get warm without global warming. The fact is, when real data are reviewed, we had been in a warming trend after coming out of the Little Ice Age. There has been no real warming since 1998. The warmest years on record over the past 200 years were in the 1930's when the CO2 levels were lower. Global warming is shown by computer modeling. Garbage in, garbage out. Over 600 scientists from the IPCC have withdrawn. Man made global warming reminds me of the X Files: I want to believe!