Sunday, March 1, 2009

NAZIS, Maoists Now Rule America

Every society has had scapegoats. Persons felt to be less than human who were at fault for all of society's ills and had to be suppressed or exterminated. Ancient Rome had the Christians, Soviet Russia the capitalists, Mao's China the capitalists, intellectuals and religion, Nazi Germany the Jews, Kosovo the Muslims and now the USA has, paradoxically, the Christians and the capitalists. It's amazing how we do come full circle.

A close friend pointed something out to me about Nancy Pelosi that I had overlooked while watching the president's speech. Of course, no one could have missed the amazing acrobatics and even our tongue tied, foot in the mouth vice president seemed exhausted by trying to keep up with her jumping jacks. However, in her green suit launching out of her chair to wildly applaud after nearly every sentence spoken by the new locus of hope and salvation, Baraq Hussein Obama, she reminded my friend of times past.

He pointed out that when Chairman Mao spoke, people in red "Mao suits" in the background would jump up wildly to applaud his every word. I looked up some streams of his speeches and I was amazed to find Nancy Pelosi there, jumping up in the same way.

No, not the real, one and only Nancy Pelosi. She is ours, I am ashamed to say. However, there were plenty of similarly suited look alikes who reacted in the same way to their savior, their hope, Chairman Mao.

The "fairness" doctrine, The "Freedom of Choice" Act, the repeal of conscience laws, wealth centralization and redistribution, central government control, politically correct speech, attacks on religious authorities that do not tow the line. How can anyone of sound mind not see the similarities?

As a pro-life physician, I particularly dread the coming repeal of conscience protection. In Nazi Germany, a citizen could not refuse without repraisal to participate in atrocities because of a a moral objection to the government's actions. Now, in the USA, a physician, nurse or other health care provider will not be able to refuse to refer or actively participate in human extermination (abortion). This is freedom of choice as long as one chooses to follow the "party" line.

The Soviet Communist party, the Nazi party, The Peoples "DEMOCRATIC" Party for the Reunification of the State in North Korea, The Communist Party of the former East Germany (German DEMOCRATIC Party), The Chinese Communist Party. History will now add the U.S. DEMOCRATIC Party to this infamous list.

One of the wonderful things that had set the USA apart from other nations was the acceptance that an individual's conscience is to be respected. Freedom of Religion allowed us to refuse to participate in actions that forced us to violate our religious convictions. Now, the Freedom of Choice act will strike down the freedom of religion and the entire Bill of Rights. We truly have arrived!

I will make a prediction here. Shades of Hugo Chavez! If Obama can avoid a revolt of the taxpayer, I believe there will be a movement to remove term limits for the Presidency. I truly hope I am wrong, but history shows that I am probably not.

God Bless, and Help, America.

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