Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More tales from Hillary/Obamacare World

The Heritage Foundation presents a TOP TEN LIST:


Take it from this American, having lived 35 years in Canada, this list is totally RIGHT ON. Check it out.

And I'll supply a few specifics:
-- basic standard for mammograms in Canada: every other year, from age 50
[American Cancer Society recommends every year, from age 40)
--Canada 13th of 24 developed nations in MRI machines per capita
[6.7 per million, versus U.S. 26.5 per million]
--average wait time for non-emergency MRI scan in Ontario: 102 days
--average wait time from GP appointment to specialist treatment: 8 weeks

All the beer and maple syrup in the world can't fix a single-payer system, no matter how well-intended, or how dedicated the folks who try to work in it. (And they are, God bless 'em.)

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  1. But, I may be willing to have a bad system in exchange for beer and maple syrup, if Obama throws in free french toast or pancakes. What a slogan. "A pancake on every plate". It gives me goose bumps. We are saved!