Sunday, April 12, 2009


It was great fun and an eye opening experience. According to the left wing mainstream media the tea parties were attended by a "fringe" of right wing radicals. We saw regular, everyday, ordinary Americans fed up with the progressive march toward socialism and yes, fascism. These were people who understand the reasons why this country was founded and the principles that have sustained it. Signs like the one that said "Legalize the Constitution" and that from a child saying: "Don't rob my piggy bank" showed the understanding by regular people that the constitution is being trampled underfoot by the new order.

Now we hear that the Department of Homeland Security has issued a report on "Right Wing Radicals":

Anti-immigration: “Right wing extremist groups’ frustration over a perceived lack of government action on illegal immigration has the potential to incite individuals or small groups toward violence. If such violence were to occur, it likely would be isolated, small-scale, and directed at specific immigration-related targets.” Recruiting returning vets: “Right wing extremists will attempt to recruit and radicalize returning veterans in order to exploit their skills and knowledge derived from military training and combat.”
Gun-related violence: “Heightened interest in legislation for tighter firearms...may be invigorating right wing extremist activity, specifically the white supremacist and militia movements.”

Yes, quite "Hitler-esque". Everyone with a pro-life bumper sticker or pro-second ammendment views will be suspect. Imagine we right wing extremists asking for law based on the Constitution. How radical!!!

How do you attain fascism?
1. Claim to be "for the common, working people" against the wealthy. Hitler, Mao and Lenin all did that too.
2. Define an enemy. For Hitler, it was the Jews, for Obama and Pelosi it is conservatives and even returning military.
3. Promote laws that decrease the ability of that enemy to function, such as the Nazi laws preventing the rights of the Jews. For Obama it's the "Freedom of Choice Act", "Fairness Doctrine", etc. The names of the laws themselves are designed to hide the real purpose of these fascist documents.
4. Use a crisis to increase government control of industry, financial institutions, etc. Are we not seeing this?
5. Start arresting those in disagreement. Paste the links below into your browser.

Let's be clear. "Right wing" movements opposed to freedom are not conservative or really right wing! They are extreme left wing! The Nazis were not "right wing". They promoted themselves as such against the communists, but they were the National Socialist Party! LEFT WING!!! Mao was not right wing, he was left wing. Lenin was not a right wing extremist, he was a left wing extremist. Fascism comes not from the right but from the left! Wake up America! Restrictions on freedom of speech are not compatible with conservatism. Restrictions on killing innocent human beings are. Let's not confuse the two.

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