Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Obama and Notre Dame-Response to US News Article.

Response to Article. Click on title above to see original article.

Faithful Catholics are Outraged.

A fringe? I don't know what your definition of a "fringe" is, but if even half of the Catholics in the US are faithful and oppose this outrage, the "fringe" is larger than the population of Canada.

Christianity is about surrender, not prideful arrogance. We pray: "Thy Will be done", not "our will be done". We choose to surrender to the teaching of the Church, not because we are thoughtless automatons, but because we are thoughtful followers of Christ.

The Holy Father, descended from Blessed Peter, is the Vicar of Christ on Earth. I will follow his teaching and that of the Universal Church, backed by two thousand years of Holy tradition, over your forty or fifty years of self centered idiocy any day.

The president of Notre Dame likely does not believe in Hell. He will once it becomes his forwarding address.

Frank S. Rosenbloom, M.D.
President of Oregon Right to Life

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